Franco de Matteo 4x6

Meet the Legends

We once again pay tribute to SA Motorsport Legends that have added to the rich heritage of the sport both locally and internationally. We are honoured to have as guests this year:

Arnold Chatz

Arnold Chatz 4x6

I raced at Kyalami since the early sixties the majority of which for Alfa Romeo. Kyalami has a special place in my heart. See you at KYALAMI

Ben Morgenrood

Ben Morgenrood 4x6

It is a great honor and privilege to be nominated as the Grand Marshall for FOM 2019. I have always enjoyed racing at the circuit. See you at KYALAMI

Brian Evans

Brian Evans 4x6

We are really excited to be part of this amazing event. We expect up to 12 cars to make the journey from Cape Town for the Festival of Motoring. We will be racing with the Mobil 1 V8 Supercars and this will provide a spectacular display of V8 power…See you at KYALAMI

Clare Vale

Clare Vale 4x6

Kyalami has always been one of the most challenging and exciting circuits at which to race. One of my best moments there was definitely in 2009, when I was on pole with the WesBank V8 Supercar for the first time. Nothing can beat the feeling of driving a WesBank V8 on the limit at Kyalami, while being chased by some of the toughest competitors in SA motorsport!

Colin Frost

Colin Frost 4x6

It is a great privilege for me to be able to share some of my special cars with the visitors at the 2019 Festival of Motoring. I will be bringing a Porsche 917, Ford GT40 and Lola race cars. We have a few other surprises in store at the 2019 event. See you at KYALAMI 

Farouk and Mohamed Dangor

Farouk and Mohamed Dangor 4x6

 “We cannot wait to challenge each other in the 325is and the Opel Super Boss. I drove both these iconic cars in the 1991/1992 stannic Group N series. The BMW is the late Tony Viana original Winfield race car which was stored away for 15 years. Dangor’s have restored it to original Group homologation”

Franco de Matteo

Franco de Matteo 4x6

Going out early morning alone on the track for my first shakedown of the Porsche after a long build, with many complications, and doing a shattering time.

Geoff Mortimer

Geoff Mortimer 4x6

My greatest moment at Kyalami was...very scary.  Been hit in the face by spectator launched rocket on the last lap of the 9th hour race that went through the gap of my helmet and embedded itself in my cheek. I ended up crossing the finish line in a “bloody mess”!!

Ian Scheckter

Ian Scheckter 4x6

Kyalami has a very special place in my heart and history. At Kyalami I raced my first car race, my first F1 race and my last championship race. See you at KYALAMI

Jaki Scheckter

Jaki Schekter 4x6

The Scheckter name is synonymous with Kyalami with my father Ian and Uncle Jody having won many races at the circuit. Jody also winning the 1975 SA Grand Prix. I also raced at Kyalami with great success and have attended the Festival of Motoring for the past three years. I will be driving a Pablo Clark Ferrari at the 2019 event… See you at KYALAMI

Michael van Rooyen

Michael van Rooyen 4x6

My scariest racing moment was at Kyalami when I met the inside wall at the Nashua corner. See you at KYALAMI

Paolo Cavaleri

Paolo Cavaleri 4x6

I have supported FOM since 2016. It was a great privilege to share my passion for motorsport with thousands of petrol heads. See you at KYALAMI

Sarel van der Merwe

Sarel van der Merwe 4x6

This will be my third visit to the Festival of Motoring. An event I really enjoy! I won many races and had many great battles at Kyalami. The circuit will always be special to me. See you at KYALAMI

Terry Wilford

Terry Wilford 4x6

All the competitors in the Mobil 1 – V8 Supercars are extremely excited to be selected to race at the Festival of Motoring. We expect over 20 entries and will most certainly add to the sound and excitement of the festival…See you at KYALAMI

Willie Hepburn

Willie Hepburn 4x6

It’s been fifty-four years since I first raced at Kyalami. The victories are too many to be counted, and I still love my racing! See you at KYALAMI

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